May 29, 2023

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Bills Introduced – 3-30-23

With the House leaving, and the Senate preparing to leave,
Washington for their two week Easter Recess, there were 190 bills introduced.
There were no
further bills
introduced providing for limitation on availability of funds
by Rep Biggs (R,AZ). There were two bills that may receive additional attention
in this blog:

A bill to support research, development, and other activities to
develop innovative vehicle technologies, and for other purposes. Peters,
Gary C. [Sen.-D-MI]

A bill to ensure computer programming, coding, and artificial
intelligence capabilities in the Armed Forces, and for other purposes. Duckworth,
Tammy [Sen.-D-IL]

I will be watching S 1099 for language and definitions that
would specifically include vehicle cybersecurity research and development in
the scope of the coverage to the bill.

I will be watching S 1123 for language and definitions that
would specifically cybersecurity capabilities in the scope of the coverage of
the bill.

A further note on Wednesday’s
‘limitation on availability of funds’ bills. The Congressional Record for Wednesday
contains the usual “Constitutional Authority and Single Subject Statements”
section that provides a listing by the sponsor for each bill introduced. The ‘Single
Subject Statement’ for HR 1844 (the first of 521 ‘limitation’ bills) reports
that: “The single subject of this bill is providing for a limitation on funding
for a discretionary spending item.” These 521 bills do not address all of the
discretionary spending in the annual budget (missing at least items from DOT,
DOE, DHS and DOD), so I still suspect that further bills might be offered after
the Easter break (or in the pro forma sessions during the break).

I am still waiting for the GPO to get around to printing the
language of these bills to see what is actually going on here. We may see them
during the Easter break, but I suspect that there are planned vacations at the
GPO scheduled for these well-known congressional breaks, so maybe not.