May 29, 2023

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President Joe Biden Says U.S. Can’t Buy Spyware That Other Countries Have Used Against It

Twitter Says Parts of Its Source Code Were Leaked Online

Trying to Find the Culprit

They Posted Porn on Twitter: German Authorities Called the Cops

FTC Bans Scammy Companies From ‘Calling About Your Car’s Extended Warranty’

Exchange Online to Block Emails From Vulnerable On-Prem Servers

The Integral Role of Human Resources Departments in Cybersecurity

This Cybersecurity CTO Shares 5 Tips To Better Protect Your Customers

What Automation Means For Cybersecurity—And Your Business

Hackers Earn $1,035,000 for 27 Zero-Days Exploited at Pwn2Own Vancouver

Crown Resorts Says Ransomware Group Claims Accessing Some of Its Files

Clop Keeps Racking Up Ransomware Victims With GoAnywhere Flaw

Associates in Dermatology (VA) Breach Stems from Ransomware Attack at VPN Solutions

Sun Pharma (India) Admits Business Affected Due to March 2 Ransomware Attack

NCB Management Services (PA) Data Breach Affects Nearly a Half-Million Consumers

Atlantic Dialysis Management Services (NY) Breach of Patient Info

Florida Medical Clinic Notifies Nearly 95,000 People of Recent Data Breach

Three Variants of IcedID Malware Discovered

New MacStealer Targets Catalina, Newer MacOS Versions

Apple Fixes Recently Disclosed WebKit Zero-Day on Older iPhones