February 8, 2023


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Free Software Foundation Publishes Its 2022 ‘Ethical Tech Giving Guide’

Free Software Foundation Publishes Its 2022 ‘Ethical Tech Giving Guide’

For the last thirteen years the Free Software Foundation has published its Ethical Tech Giving Guide, notes a recent FSF blog post. “The right to determine what a device you’ve purchased does or doesn’t do is something too valuable to lose.”

Or, as they put it in the guide:

It’s time to reclaim our freedom from the abuse of multinational corporations, who use proprietary software and malicious “antifeatures” to keep us powerless, dependent, and surveilled by the devices that we use. There’s no time at which it’s more important to turn these unfortunate facts into positive action than the holiday season.
The gifts that we recommend here might not be making headlines, but they’re the rare exception to the apparent rule that devices should mistreat their users.

For technical users, the guide recommends pairing the FSF-sponsored Replicant, a fully-free distribution of Android, with the F-Droid app repository, which has hundreds of applications including Syncthing, Tor, Minetest, and Termux.

They also praise the X200 laptop, “one of the few home user devices that’s able to run fully free software from top to bottom.” With easy-to-repair hardware, it’s the laptop most frequently used in the FSF’s own office — just one of several freedom-respecting devices from Vikings. And there’s shout-outs to MNT’s Reform laptop, products from PINE64 and Purism, plus a freedom-respecting VPN, and a mini wifi adapter .

The guide even recommends places to buy DRM-free ebooks, including No Starch Press, Smashwords, Leanpub, Standard Ebooks, Nantucket E-Books, Libreture (which also offers a storage solution). Meanwhile for print books, there’s the Gnu Press Shop

And it also recommends sources for DRM-free music (including Bandcamp, Emusic, the Smithsonian Institute’s Folkways, the classic punk label Dischord, HDTracks, and Mutopia).
And it also tells you where to find free (as in freedom) films…

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