November 27, 2022

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DeepVulSeeker: A Novel Vulnerability Identification Framework via Code Graph Structure and Pre-training Mechanism. (arXiv:2211.13097v1 [cs.CR])

Software vulnerabilities can pose severe harms to a computing system. They
can lead to system crash, privacy leakage, or even physical damage. Correctly
identifying vulnerabilities among enormous software codes in a timely manner is
so far the essential prerequisite to patch them. Unfortantely, the current
vulnerability identification methods, either the classic ones or the
deep-learning-based ones, have several critical drawbacks, making them unable
to meet the present-day demands put forward by the software industry. To
overcome the drawbacks, in this paper, we propose DeepVulSeeker, a novel fully
automated vulnerability identification framework, which leverages both code
graph structures and the semantic features with the help of the recently
advanced Graph Representation Self-Attention and pre-training mechanisms. Our
experiments show that DeepVulSeeker not only reaches an accuracy as high as
0.99 on traditional CWE datasets, but also outperforms all other exisiting
methods on two highly-complicated datasets. We also testified DeepVulSeeker
based on three case studies, and found that DeepVulSeeker is able to understand
the implications of the vulnerbilities. We have fully implemented DeepVulSeeker
and open-sourced it for future follow-up research.

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