October 25, 2021


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Home Energy Management Systems: Operation and Resilience of Heuristics against Cyberattacks. (arXiv:2109.11627v1 [cs.CR])

Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced communication technologies have
demonstrated great potential to manage residential energy resources by enabling
demand-side management (DSM). Home energy management systems (HEMSs) can
automatically control electricity production and usage inside homes using DSM
techniques. These HEMSs will wirelessly collect information from hardware
installed in the power system and in homes with the objective to intelligently
and efficiently optimize electricity usage and minimize costs. However, HEMSs
can be vulnerable to cyberattacks that target the electricity pricing model.
The cyberattacker manipulates the pricing information collected by a customer’s
HEMS to misguide its algorithms toward non-optimal solutions. The customer’s
electricity bill increases, and additional peaks are created without being
detected by the system operator. This article introduces demand-response
(DR)-based DSM in HEMSs and discusses DR optimization using heuristic
algorithms. Moreover, it discusses the possibilities and impacts of
cyberattacks, their effectiveness, and the degree of resilience of heuristic
algorithms against cyberattacks. This article also opens research questions and
shows prospective directions.