September 23, 2021

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Evolving Secret Sharing in Almost Semi-honest Model, by Jyotirmoy Pramanik and Avishek Adhikari

Evolving secret sharing is a special kind of secret sharing where the number of shareholders is not known beforehand, i.e., at time t = 0. In classical secret sharing such a restriction was assumed inherently i.e., the the number of shareholders was given to the dealer’s algorithm as an input. Evolving secret sharing relaxes this condition. Pramanik and Adhikari left an open problem regarding malicious shareholders in the evolving setup, which we answer in this paper. We introduce a new cheating model, called the almost semi-honest model, where a shareholder who joins later can check the authenticity of share of previous ones. We use collision resistant hash function to construct such a secret sharing scheme with malicious node identification. Moreover, our scheme preserves the share size of Komargodski et al. (TCC 2016).