September 26, 2021

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Fast Keyword Search over Encrypted Data with Short Ciphertext in Clouds, by Yi-Fan Tseng and Chun-I Fan and Zi-Cheng Liu

Nowadays, it is convenient for people to store their data on clouds. To protect the privacy, people tend to encrypt their data before uploading them to clouds. Due to the widespread use of cloud services, public key searchable encryption is necessary for users to search the encrypted files efficiently and correctly. However, the existing public key searchable encryption schemes supporting monotonic queries suffer from either infeasibility in keyword testing or inefficiency such as heavy computing cost of testing, large size of ciphertext or trapdoor, and so on. In this work, we first propose a novel and efficient anonymous key-policy attribute-based encryption (KP-ABE). Then by applying Shen et al.’s generic construction proposed to the proposed anonymous KP-ABE, we obtain an efficient and expressive public key searchable encryption, which to the best of our knowledge achieves the best performance in testing among the existing such schemes. Only 2 pairings is needed in testing. Besides, we also implement our scheme and others with Python for comparing the performance. From the implementation results, our scheme owns the best performance on testing, and the size of ciphertexts and trapdoors are smaller than most of the existing schemes.