July 26, 2021


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LeakedSource is down. DoubleFlag’s called out for bogus stolen goods. Fancy Bear is in UK, German networks. Shamoon alert in Saudi Arabia. Scamming tech support scammers.

In today’s podcast, we hear that LeakedSource is down, maybe for good. DoubleFlag seems to be selling bogus data on the black market. (And where, we ask, is the Ripper review? If you can’t trust a criminal, who can you trust these days? Sad.) Fancy Bear is back—actually, she never really left—now snuffling at British and German networks. Saudi Arabia remains on Shamoon alert. The Dridex banking Trojan has reappeared, in an improved version. Dale Drew from Level 3 Communications shares findings on the Asia Pacific region. Vince Crisler from Dark Cubed puts Grizzly Steppe in perspective. And tech support scammers get scammed—don’t try this at home.