July 29, 2021


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BrandPost: Simply Protecting Yourself is No Longer Enough

Firewalls, anti-virus, endpoint protection, and security awareness all form a foundation of protection against cyber threats. But putting these walls up is not nearly enough these days. Criminals are incredibly creative and resourceful. They can skillfully evade almost all protections. Today, organizations need tools that allow them to ask detailed questions to identify advanced (and even invisible) threats and active adversaries, and quickly take appropriate action to stop them.

“An important piece of a proactive strategy ties into threat hunting and response,” said Mat Gangwer, Senior Director of Managed Threat Response at Sophos. “Having the tools to go out and discern which threats are most likely to impact you. Really trying to understand what the risk is to you as an organization and then putting in appropriate measures to combat those. It’s about soliciting information from devices and knowing what to look for. That’s where experienced threat hunters come in.”

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