August 5, 2021

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What Antivirus uses the less possible RAM?

I have a 2GB of RAM Windows 10 32 bit tablet that can’t even go on Google’s JS-ridden websites to watch a simple video (e.g. Youtube) or look for mails (gmail) anymore. Few details:

  • The CPU is by no means slow for web browsing
  • RAM is soldered, so no upgrades at all
  • Using the 3D TLC soldered SSD as a swap/pagefile.sys is not an option since it has slowed down a bit (early signs of too much TeraBytes Written)
  • Linux does not properly support the tablet, so no power-savings, no brigthness control, etc


So this means I’ll have to shave some RAM hogging settings on Windows (done), and track programs that uses the “unused RAM is wasted RAM” development “paradigm”.

Now, apart from the browser and Windows itself, the only other thing that uses the most RAM is Windows Defender (MsMpEng.exe), which starts around 150MB of used RAM at boot to easily 350MB as soon as the browser is launched.

Not only that, but Windows Defender also eats a lot of battery when putting the tablet to sleep (everything possible settings has been disabled). I can’t even hold a day on sleep with it when older free Antivirus did the job without such issues.


So here’s my question: Apart from Windows Defender, what FREE, NOT CLOUD-based and AD-FREE (uses more RAM) Antivirus uses the less possible RAM?

I’ve been told there’s Kaspersky. Looks like you can opt-out of their cloud thing, can someone confirms this ? Same goes for Kaspersky advertisements.


I do know that some Antivirus hides their huge RAM wastings by:

  • Dividing them into a lot of processes
  • Put them on the swap/pagefile.sys “memory”
  • Makes Windows consider such memory usage as “drivers’ dedicated memory” so it doesn’t show up at all on the processes’ memory usage.

If you do try to find out Antivirus’ RAM usage, you then must disable your swap/pagefile.sys or set it at the lowest possible amount Windows allows you to have and look at the total RAM used and not the combined Antivirus’ processes RAM usage.

Please also note that most Antivirus reviews’ don’t follow such way of measuring things, and that “performance” tests are very economical with the results (no RAM usage, mostly CPU hogging metrics, etc).

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