June 20, 2021


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OK here we go, long story short I got a virus from a piece of pirated software(don’t judge, although its 100% my fault). It did nothing after the installation. Then on my second boot of pc tomorrow, I got a lot of random popups, things got installed and what not.

With malwarebytes I detected a lot of stuff, basically trojan, keyloggers and even some other things it seems. I found a folder where it literally had a lot of my data, that it gathered from Google chrome.

I quickly shut the Internet down, and continued the scan, which deleted some files it seems. I restarted my pc, and searched around more. The temps folder, that I even before restarting noticed that had some instalation files, some _Isetup, dll and whatnot. Next scan didn’t find “anything” and while it seemed good, there were a few new folders in tmp, that again looked and seemed the same as the ones that were suspicious.

Then I checked the rootkits scan, and after like 3 minutes scan got an error. I did it again, and the scan I going without any error yet.

So, I changed most of my passwords, on my phone because of a keylogger or something.

This seems like a guaranteed new installation of windows, or (8.1) could I factory reset and still be okay?

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