June 23, 2021


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Norton is the worst of the worst

I know that most of people know that Norton is a bad antivirus but i wanted to share my personal experience so i can spit a bit more on it and make sure that everyone wont install that sh** on their computer.

So I got it by accident without giving really attention when i was installing Java if i’m not wrong and i think that most of people got Norton like that by installing it by accident. The thing is that Norton sucks so bad that its completly useless, it does nothing but the worst part is that you can’t unstall it. Like seriously how the f* can you make something so bad that you can’t even get rid of it. You need to reset your computer or do something else i don’t remember sins this happened to me like 4 years but i can’t forget the moment when my friend said “welp, ur computer is fuck** lol”. That sh** is useless, you can’t even get rid of it by trying to unstall it and seriously, Norton litteraly looks like an virus, yeah that sh** is that bad.

Well, thats it for now, i just wanted to get my salt out and why not on Norton i mean.. Even a kid with 3 neurons fighting each other would have made a better antivirus than that.

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