June 19, 2021


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Bitdefender doesn’t stop scanning? Stuck in some sort of loop?

So I am using Bitdefender paid version on mac

I started around a week ago, I started a system scan, go to the expected number of files (920k files), and it just went past, scanning at the same pace. I let it scan and 2 hours later, it STILL wasn’t finished and is read that it had scanned SIX MILLION FILES, and still hadn’t stopped.

So it never stops scanning unless I cancel it. It seemed to be scanning 1 place, again and again, the “private tmp” folder, which is an element of macOSX like it’s stuck in some sort of recursive loop of non-stop scanning 1 place.

Bitdefender shield is also always scanning in the background, taking up CPU power, so Bitdefender active scanning is also stuck in this “loop”.

Whenever I re-start my computer, and do a system scan, the FIRST system scan proceeds normally, scanning the files, and ending, and Bitdefender shield says no more files to scan, then, the NEXT scan I do has this “endless scanning” issue return until I re-start my computer.

What could the problem here? What should I do?

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