June 23, 2021


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WARNING to RISKS readers

It is still taking me several hours to get rid of all the detritus in what
is being submitted to RISKS.  Office 365 is adding over a hundred lines of
cruft in headers to each message.  All of the encoded characters created by
different mail systems have to be dealt with separately.  Therefore, as a
cruelty to readers instead of cruelty to myself, the next issue will be RAW
RECEIVED TEXT.  Perhaps I will first remove the Office 365 cruft on most of
the messages, but leave them in for the lead message just for kicks.  This
will save me a few hours, but perhaps give you some ideas of why this is so
painful, and how contributors might be able to simplify my efforts with just
a little awareness of what is being produced.

Dan Jacobson has kindly offered a bunch of excellent suggestions, only some
of which I have been able to adopt.