June 21, 2021


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Impossibility on the Schnorr Signature from the One-more DL Assumption in the Non-programmable Random Oracle Model, by Masayuki Fukumitsu and Shingo Hasegawa

In the random oracle model (ROM), it is provable from the DL assumption, whereas there is negative circumstantial evidence in the standard model. Fleischhacker, Jager, and Schr”{o}der showed that the tight security of the Schnorr signature is unprovable from a strong cryptographic assumption, such as the One-More DL (OM-DL) assumption and the computational and decisional Diffie-Hellman assumption, in the ROM via a generic reduction as long as the underlying cryptographic assumption holds. However, it remains open whether or not the impossibility of the provable security of the Schnorr signature from a strong assumption via a non-tight and reasonable reduction. In this paper, we show that the security of the Schnorr signature is unprovable from the OM-DL assumption in the non-programmable ROM as long as the OM-DL assumption holds. Our impossibility result is proven via a non-tight Turing reduction.