June 23, 2021


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I might’ve installed multiple viruses onto my computer and phone.

Hi, recently I have been browsing porn sites and after clicking on a new tab, underneath the search bar came a McAfee notification. I forgot what it said but it said something about me being at risk. Two options were presented to me and one was ‘Take the Risk’ and ‘Fix Now.’ I clicked ‘Fixed Now’ without thinking. Did this just allow a virus to install?

Also, I have been getting multiple notifications from Windows Security. It says ‘Virus and Threat Protection Turn on virus protection.’ I’m not sure whether this is word for word, but I also clicked on it.

There was also a time where I was in mangakakalot, a manga reading website, on my phone and all of a sudden, a notification saying ‘Someone has accessed your webcam. It just said that with an x at the top right corner. This time I didn’t really panicked and just clicked closed the entire tab instead of clicking on anything else. Was that notification legit?

I am a bit paranoid though. This could just be all in my head, and if so I’m sorry.

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