June 18, 2021


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Dynamic Universal Accumulator with Batch Update over Bilinear Groups, by Giuseppe Vitto and Alex Biryukov

We propose a Dynamic Universal Accumulator in the Accumulator Manager setting for bilinear groups which extends Nguyen’s positive accumulator and Au et al. and Damg√•rd and Triandopoulos non-membership proof mechanism. The new features include support for batch addition and deletion operations as well as a privacy-friendly decentralized batch witness update protocol, where the witness update information is the same for all users. Together with a non-interactive zero-knowledge protocol, these make the proposed scheme suitable as an efficient and scalable Anonymous Credential System, accessible even by low-resource users.
We show security of the proposed protocol in the Generic Group Model under a (new) generalized version of the t-SDH assumption and we demonstrate its practical relevance by providing and discussing an implementation realized using state-of-the-art libraries.