June 19, 2021


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New AT&T Cybersecurity USM Anywhere Advisors Service Helps to Establish and Maintain Threat Detection and Response Effectiveness

AT&T Cybersecurity has announced its AT&T USM Anywhere platform will now offer on-demand advisory service for new and existing customers to tackle threat detection and response faster.


The company recognises that security teams are often overwhelmed and understaffed. Therefore, the ability to confidently respond to threats is limited by the maturity of their cybersecurity technologies to react quickly to alerts. Also, a lack of resources means security teams may not have the right skills to address the increasing complexity of protecting the network.


To alleviate this strain, customers can consult with the AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors – cybersecurity experts that guide customers on threat detection and response to complement in-house cybersecurity skills. The instant reactive support will help with day-to-day operations and streamline incident response efforts.


“Effective threat detection and response can be challenging for organisations as the cyber threat landscape continues to grow and evolve. To provide a highly secure environment, teams of people with security expertise are needed,” explained Rupesh Chokshi, VP of AT&T Cybersecurity.”Through our new support service and integrations, we are committed to helping AT&T USM Anywhere Platform customers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their security operations by staying ahead of today’s evolving threat landscape and accelerating their response to security incidents.”

The USM Anywhere platform has further updates to its offering and services and include:

  • AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors service – expert advisors provide reactive incident response services to help identify, investigate and triage potential security incidents
  • AT&T Advanced AlienApps for FortiGate and FortiManager – enables single response action to alarms or events from AT&T USM Anywhere to Fortinet and other firewalls for blocking access to potentially malicious destination
  • AT&T AlienApp for SentinelOne – enhances the threat detection and response capabilities of AT&T USM Anywhere by integrating endpoint threat data and correlating it with the data from other security tools in AT&T USM Anywhere
  • AT&T AlienApp for MobileIron – provides visibility through the power of MobileIron Threat Defense and the ability to mitigate threats in the same place with the Unified Endpoint Management solution from MobileIron Cloud
  • AT&T Advanced AlienApp for DDI Frontline Vulnerability Manager – delivers a comprehensive view of assets, vulnerabilities and malware infections
  • AT&T AlienApp for Secure Web Gateway – allows customers to quickly evolve and improve policy directly from the AT&T USM Anywhere platform

The AT&T USM Anywhere Advisors services and integrations are available now.

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