June 20, 2021


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Google blocked a download but windows defender detected a malware

Hey guys, this might sound stupid but i need some help because im kinda new with these things (i dont even know if this is the right subreddit to ask this). I was downloading a ReShade preset (that came in a zip file) for one of my games and google blocked the download because it detected something. After that, windows defender detected a malware, even though i haven’t even opened the file or executed anything because google blocked it . I did 2 full scans and the malware got removed twice, then i did an offline scan, two more full scans and now the malware isnt detected anymore. I browsed through various websites and posts but none of them helped me, so i decided to ask on reddit as a last resort. There are no pop-ups, shady tasks on task manager, website redirects or any of the weird stuff that happens when your computer is infected. Should i wipe my computer or something? Is the malware gone? Im worried because i dont know if windows defender is 100% effective. And sorry for my bad english.

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