June 19, 2021


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13 organizations that support LGBTQ+ tech workers

The lack of diversity in IT doesn’t just leave underrepresented workers feeling alienated; it can also make them feel unsafe. That’s certainly true for the LGBTQ+ community, with only 76% of LGBTQ+ workers reporting they feel safe in their workplace and 64% of trans and gender nonconforming (GNC) individuals saying the same, according to a report from Blind. Moreover, only 35% of LGBTQ+ and 41% of trans or GNC workers say they feel “represented in upper management at their company.”

While the tech industry has made more of an effort to foster greater workplace diversity in recent years, there’s still a lot of progress to make for LGBTQ+ workers. Despite the industry lagging behind in equality, there are a number of organizations committed to bringing equality to the tech industry by creating communities and offering support for underrepresented trans, queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and gender nonconforming IT workers.

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