June 16, 2021


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Re: Risks: Colonial Pipeline accused of negligence in proposed class action

Ongoing disruption and consequences, costs :
"The search for handwritten or printed-out notes can exacerbate delays,
causing “a devastating impact on . . . the speed at which we can
assess patients”."


" The cyberattack on IT systems in the health service will cost it at least
€100 million, according to chief executive Paul Reid. This is at
the lower end of estimates of the total cost, he indicated, and includes the
cost of restoring the network, upgrading systems to Microsoft 365 and the
disruption caused to patients."  (From Windows 7)

In other news, citizen contra-attackers:
" An online message thread established by the cyber gang that attacked the
Health Service Executive has been accessed by a number of unknown people,
with gardaí trying to establish who they are and what their motivations
are. At least one person who accessed the thread sent sexually explicit and
racist comments to the attackers in recent days."