June 21, 2021


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Public-key Authenticated Encryption with Keyword Search: A Generic Construction and Its Quantum-resistant Instantiation, by Zi-Yuan Liu and Yi-Fan Tseng and Raylin Tso and Masahiro Mambo and Yu-Chi Chen

The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integrates sensors, instruments, equipment, and industrial applications, enabling traditional industries to automate and intelligently process data. To reduce the cost and demand of required service equipment, IIoT relies on cloud computing to further process and store data. However, the means for ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the outsourced data and the maintenance of flexibility in the use of these data remain unclear. Public-key authenticated encryption with keyword search (PAEKS) is a variant of public-key encryption with keyword search that not only allows users to search encrypted data by specifying keywords but also prevents insider keyword guessing attacks (IKGAs). However, all current PAEKS schemes are based on the discrete logarithm assumption and are therefore vulnerable to quantum attacks. Additionally, the security of these schemes are only proven under random oracle and are considered insufficiently secure. In this study, we first introduce a generic PAEKS construction that enjoys the security under IKGAs in the standard model. Based on the framework, we propose a novel instantiation of quantum-resistant PAEKS that is based on ring learning with errors assumption. Compared with its state-of-the-art counterparts, our instantiation is more efficient and secure.