June 15, 2021


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Using SpamCop.net cut my spam by 95%

Hi peeps, first time posting here so I’m not sure if this is allowed. But here’s a tip: since I started using SpamCop about 3 weeks ago and diligently reported every spam email, my spam has been reduced by 95%.

I used to never get any spam. Then a while ago I started receiving spam and then more and more, so obviously my email got on some list. It was mostly “claim your stimulus check here” and “African Elongation” and “Casino winnings” or whatever mails, you know the ones.

So I found a tip about using SpamCop.net which has been around forever and made a free account and started reporting. You have to forward the spam, then you get a confirmation and you have click through to the site and report it. It’s a bit of work, but after about 3 weeks I get almost zero spam.

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