June 17, 2021


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reccomended antivirus on always running windows 10 system

Hi, i’m currently deciding which antivirus suite best my need… i run a 24/7 server plex in which i download from many trusted sites and very few torrent( in these years i try to avoid torrent)

I need an antivirus that doesn’t need to reboot after installation of upgrade(i recall avast free did)

Currently i’m using MS defender(without the reccomended configure in github that i discovered reading this subreddit) and i’ve set up manually folder control access built-in for protect my media folder of plex

along with malwarebytes premium for 5 devices(80euros per year)

Which is good, but i also testing in these days, kasperky cloud security free on a separate computer and as far i can see… it block same thing that malwarebytes premium do, and it use 100 mb of ram instead of nearly 500MB of malwarebytes and defender combined togheter

Is it safe to replace this combo, and stick in with kaspersky security cloud? when kaspersky update his program, not the definition…a reboot is required?

I can define folder access control in kaspersky security cloud free?

Browser i use Edge
Password Manager Bitwarden
Download: Jdownloader2
For Torrent, i use Trasmission and for direct link Internet Download Manager


Thanks for any suggestion

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