June 21, 2021


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GitHub Honors Class of 2021 with ‘GitHub Yearbook’ and ‘GitHub Graduation’ Ceremony

GitHub Honors Class of 2021 with ‘GitHub Yearbook’ and ‘GitHub Graduation’ Ceremony

An anonymous reader writes:

This week the GitHub Yearbook went live, with 6794 “graduates” featured on a special web page showcasing “any student who has graduated, or plans to graduate, in 2021… This includes bootcamps, code camps, high school graduates, Master’s graduates, Ph. D. Graduates, etc.” (Students were added by submitting a pull request — as long as they’d also signed up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack.) The first 5,000 graduates received “swag,” including a custom holographic card with their GitHub stats.

But Saturday sees a special ceremony where these students will “walk” the stage at GitHub Graduation (starting at 9 a.m. PST). “We’ll be hearing from special guests, giving out exclusive swag, and highlighting student stories and projects from around the world,” explains the event’s web page.

Calling it “a day to celebrate our craft, our community, and how technology moves the world forward,” a post on GitHub’s blog invites viewers “to welcome them to a global community of innovative thinkers and impactful builders.” It acknowledges the special challenges of 2021, saying “This year, thousands of students from around the world came together and redefined the world we live in, how we learn, and how we move forward,” adding “We are honored to be part of the experience and eager to celebrate this milestone….”

“During a devastating year, these graduates shined a light on what is possible. We saw project after project showcasing not only their skills, but also their passion and perseverance. This class is unstoppable!”

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