June 24, 2021


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Denmark Parliament Approves Giant Artificial Island Off Copenhagen

Denmark Parliament Approves Giant Artificial Island Off Copenhagen

Plans for an artificial island to house 35,000 people and protect the port of Copenhagen from rising sea levels have been approved by Danish MPs. The BBC reports: The giant island, named Lynetteholm, would be connected to the mainland via a ring road, tunnels and a metro line. The approval by Denmark’s parliament paves the way for the 1 sq mile (2.6 sq km) project to begin later this year. But it faces opposition from environmentalists who have concerns over the impact of its construction.

Plans for Lynetteholm include a dam system around its perimeter, with the aim of protecting the harbour from rising sea levels and storm surges. If construction goes ahead as planned, the majority of the foundations for the island off Denmark’s capital should be in place by 2035, with an aim to fully complete the project by 2070. Some of the environmental concerns include the transportation of materials by road, which will involve large numbers of vehicles to move the 80 million tons of soil required to create the peninsula alone. “There are also concerns among environmentalists about the movement of sediment at sea and the possible impact on ecosystems and water quality,” the report adds.

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