August 5, 2021

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Firefox 89 Arrives With Controversial Proton Interface

Firefox 89 Arrives With Controversial Proton Interface

Mozilla’s Firefox 89 releases to the general public today complete with the new Proton interface which simplifies the browser’s menus and alters the tabs bar beyond anything we’ve seen from previous Firefox releases or other web browsers. From a report: This update also improves macOS integration and includes further privacy enhancements. The first thing that people will notice in this update is the Proton interface, the browser chrome and toolbar have been simplified so that redundant and less frequently used features have been removed, menus have been altered so that the most used features are prominent and visual noise has been reduced.

Proton also updates prompts so they have a cleaner appearance and unnecessary alerts and messages have been removed. The attached tabs have also been supplanted by floating tabs; Mozilla says the rounded design of the active tab “signals the ability to easily move the tab as needed.” While almost everyone will support cleaner menus, the new tabs are drawing the ire of some who are not pleased with the radical departure from the traditional look and feel of tabs.

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