June 18, 2021


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Discovering ePassport Vulnerabilities using Bisimilarity. (arXiv:2002.07309v5 [cs.CR] UPDATED)

We uncover privacy vulnerabilities in the ICAO 9303 standard implemented by
ePassports worldwide. These vulnerabilities, confirmed by ICAO, enable an
ePassport holder who recently passed through a checkpoint to be reidentified
without opening their ePassport. This paper explains how bisimilarity was used
to discover these vulnerabilities, which exploit the BAC protocol – the
original ICAO 9303 standard ePassport authentication protocol – and remains
valid for the PACE protocol, which improves on the security of BAC in the
latest ICAO 9303 standards. In order to tackle such bisimilarity problems, we
develop here a chain of methods for the applied $pi$-calculus including a
symbolic under-approximation of bisimilarity, called open bisimilarity, and a
modal logic, called classical FM, for describing and certifying attacks.
Evidence is provided to argue for a new scheme for specifying such
unlinkability problems that more accurately reflects the capabilities of an