June 14, 2021


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Quic Gives the Internet’s Data Transmission Foundation a Needed Speedup

Quic Gives the Internet’s Data Transmission Foundation a Needed Speedup

One of the internet’s foundations just got an upgrade. From a report: Quic, a protocol for transmitting data between computers, improves speed and security on the internet and can replace Transmission Control Protocol, or TCP, a standard that dates back to Ye Olde Internet of 1974. Last week, the Internet Engineering Task Force, which sets many standards for the global network, published Quic as a standard. Web browsers and online services have been testing the technology for years, but the IETF’s imprimatur is a sign the standard is mature enough to embrace fully.

It’s extremely hard to improve the internet at the fundamental level of data transmission. Countless devices, programs and services are built to use the earlier infrastructure, which has lasted decades. Quic has been in public development for nearly eight years since Google first announced Quic in 2013 as an experimental addition to its Chrome browser. But upgrades to the internet’s foundations are crucial to keep the world-spanning communication and commerce backbone humming. That’s why engineers spend so much effort on titanic transitions like Quic, HTTPS for secure website communications, post-quantum cryptography to protect data from future quantum computers, and IPv6 for accommodating vastly more devices on the internet.

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