June 12, 2021


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BPFroid: Robust Real Time Android Malware Detection Framework. (arXiv:2105.14344v1 [cs.CR])

We present BPFroid — a novel dynamic analysis framework for Android that
uses the eBPF technology of the Linux kernel to continuously monitor events of
user applications running on a real device. The monitored events are collected
from different components of the Android software stack: internal kernel
functions, system calls, native library functions, and the Java API framework.
As BPFroid hooks these events in the kernel, a malware is unable to trivially
bypass monitoring. Moreover, using eBPF doesn’t require any change to the
Android system or the monitored applications. We also present an analytical
comparison of BPFroid to other malware detection methods and demonstrate its
usage by developing novel signatures to detect suspicious behavior that are
based on it. These signatures are then evaluated using real apps. We also
demonstrate how BPFroid can be used to capture forensic artifacts for further
investigation. Our results show that BPFroid successfully alerts in real time
when a suspicious behavioral signature is detected, without incurring a
significant runtime performance overhead.