June 16, 2021


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U.S. nuclear weapon bunker security secrets spill from online


Seems like this problem is the result of people not understanding simple
consequences.  Either they didn't know some facts, or they didn't draw
logical conclusions.

Some things the missile workers should have been told:
- Phones and servers holding classified data must be approved for storing such data.
- Your cellphone is not secure. the flashcard servers are not secure.
- Even if it says 'secure' on the box, that doesn't make it secure.

The Three Questions apply.
- Have we made this error anywhere else?
- If we make a simple fix, what problem will we encounter next?
- How can we make this kind of problem impossible?

ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, vol 14 no 5 July 1989, pp 62-63
(https://multicians.org/thvv/threeq.html, has cartoon also)