June 24, 2021


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I’m not able to launch my Norton security app on my laptop. Can anyone help me provide information about the problem I’m facing?

Before I explain what my problem is, this is my first time posting on this subreddit. I hope this is the place to post regarding your antivirus issues. I have zero experience with antivirus software and have no knowledge on how they work because usually I’m always cautious when on the internet and never had any reason to get an antivirus software.

I bought a laptop a week ago and also chose an antivirus package for a year. I chose Norton security deluxe. The staff member at the store installed it for me and when I got home everything was working fine. My account was setup and it showed my subscription for a year so no problems there. Just a day ago when I try to launch my Norton security app, it runs the app but is unable to launch it. Instead it gives me an error. I don’t get what the problem is as everything was running just fine.

Does anyone has any idea on what might be going on?

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