June 13, 2021


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Allowed threats wont dissapear.

Allowed threats wont dissapear.

Allowed threats wont dissapear.

over the last year i have gotten som viruses that keeps appearing after some time in my allowed threats in windows security. I have gotten rid of theese types of viruses/script before, but this time i cant seem to make them go away.
The issue i have is the list you see in the picture, i have never allowed any of these and when i change it to dont allow or remove them they dissapear until i refresh the secon after and they are still there.
The problem with these is that they are automated to put themself in this list and i cant disable the list all togheter. I dont notice the virus in anyway except from i cant get rid of them.
Solutions tried:
– OBV click dont allow and removing it.
– Full Scan, Offline scan and tried to hunt for the files
-Avast premium security (Offline scan, each harddrive for them self, full scan, smart scan and all the other options)
– Deleting protection history
– tried to locate virus files (no luck)
– google my ass off to find only results that shows how to delete protection history or dont allow allowed threats, but no answears to how to ban or permantly remove them.
– 3-4 different free versions of different anti-viruses (no one find any results (including avast and windows security)

The problem is that i think both windows security and avast ignores theese since they are in the allowed threats list…..

anyone here with simulare experience or have solutions?
I dont want to format windows etc since i have 7 hard drives (pretty sure viruses are on main C: drive).


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