June 21, 2021


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Twitch Warns Streamers Another Wave of Copyright Strikes is Coming

Twitch Warns Streamers Another Wave of Copyright Strikes is Coming

Twitch has received a “batch” of new takedown notices from music publishers over copyrighted songs in recorded streams (known as VODs), the company said in an email to streamers today. From a report: The notice may be worrying for some streamers who were affected by the waves of takedowns that hit last year, because if a user gets three copyright strikes on their channel, they will be permanently banned from the platform, according to Twitch’s policies. With this advance warning, it seems Twitch is trying to get ahead of a sudden flurry of takedowns and give streamers some time to remove potentially offending VODs.

“We recently received a batch of DMCA takedown notifications with about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers,” Twitch said in an email Friday, which was sent to a Verge staffer. “All of the claims are for VODs, and the vast majority target streamers listening to background music while playing video games or IRL streaming.” […] In Friday’s email, Twitch noted that the only way to avoid DMCA (or Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strikes is to not stream copyrighted material in the first place, and said that if a streamer does have unauthorized content in their VODs or clips, “we strongly recommend that you permanently delete anything that contains that material.”

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