June 23, 2021


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S2Dedup: SGX-enabled Secure Deduplication, by Tânia Esteves and Mariana Miranda and João Paulo and Bernardo Portela

Secure deduplication allows removing duplicate content at third-party storage services while preserving the privacy of users’ data. However, current solutions are built with strict designs that cannot be adapted to storage service and applications with different security and performance requirements.

We present S2Dedup, a trusted hardware-based privacy-preserving deduplication system designed to support multiple security schemes that enable different levels of performance, security guarantees and space savings. An in-depth evaluation shows these trade-offs for the distinct Intel SGX-based secure schemes supported by our prototype.

Moreover, we propose a novel Epoch and Exact Frequency scheme that prevents frequency analysis leakage attacks present in current deterministic approaches for secure deduplication while maintaining similar performance and space savings to state-of-the-art approaches.