August 4, 2021

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Security and Privacy in the Emerging Cyber-Physical World: A Survey. (arXiv:2105.13347v1 [cs.CR])

With the emergence of low-cost smart and connected IoT devices, the area of
cyber-physical security is becoming increasingly important. Past research has
demonstrated new threat vectors targeting the transition process between the
cyber and physical domains, where the attacker exploits the sensing system as
an attack surface for signal injection or extraction of private information.
Recently, there have been attempts to characterize an abstracted model for
signal injection, but they primarily focus on the path of signal processing.
This paper aims to systematize the existing research on security and privacy
problems arising from the interaction of cyber world and physical world, with
the context of broad CPS applications. The primary goals of the systematization
are to (1) reveal the attack patterns and extract a general attack model of
existing work, (2) understand possible new attacks, and (3) motivate
development of defenses against the emerging cyber-physical threats.