June 23, 2021


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Strange bug, or virus? Your Phone Companion app

I was copy/pasting lots of screenshots for a homework assignment (Microsoft Word, Windows 10), and suddenly it pasted a random image from my Samsung phone’s Secure Folder. Now, I do have my phone connected to the PC via the Your Phone Companion app, but the app was closed, secure folder locked, and phone off.

After this occurred, I tried to replicate it manually, but the Your Phone app asks for permission to display apps from my phone. Secondly, it doesn’t even allow the secure folder to be opened this way.

I routinely run scans, so I’ve already run scans of Hitman Pro, Windows Defender, Norton Power Eraser, and Malwarebytes, and all scans came up with 0 results.

It’s not even possible to do it manually, so how could it randomly save a random image to my clipboard in the first place? Normally I wouldn’t be so concerned, but this is so out of the ordinary, and I place things in the secure folder so that they are secure.

Is this a weird bug due to the app or something malicious?

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