June 14, 2021


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I just clicked on a fake reddit link, is it possible I got any malware from it?

Hi! I got a follower alert and the link in the message said reddit.com/r/something but when I clicked I noticed the page looked weird (drawings of stars or flowers) and closed it within 2 secs. After doing the real URL hover over I found out it was actually many random numbers and letters and the site was blogspot.com. Something like https://jn–vcasecwiuewugf47gfwg-fdoiuwfc.blogspot.com/lkjcwhec98w4g7432gcw7cgw98g. The reddit user has no history and regged a few days ago. I searched blogspot.com and it doesn’t seem to exist anymore, google and wiki sent me to blogger?

Is there anything to worry about? Can the real URL be fake too? I don’t want to click it again. I use ZA and Avast (did smart scan and nothing showed up) and nothing popped up. I also deleted all my cookies, history etc. Thanks!

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