May 6, 2021

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Im reppsting because im scared, file explorer opening randomly

This happened to me before I factory reset, file explorer would randomly open. Just now, it randomly opened. I did some research of my own, and some guy on reddit had the same problem, and it turned out to be malware, as he installed malwarebytes and did a malwarebytes scan. I don’t have the time for a mbam full scan, those scans take 6-7 hours. I’m doing a windows defender full scan right now, and when that finishes, I’ll do a hitman pro default scan. I’m scared, what’s going on

P.S : I just finished the malwarebytes non-rootkit free full-scan. It came clean. I just did a windows defender full scan. It came clean. I just did a hitman pro default scan. It came clean. I don’t want to install kaspersky, don’t ask. I’m scared, please help.

Google says its a loose connection eith my driver. Wgat does tgatean im scared

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