May 8, 2021

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2 questions that I need answered. File explorer and remote access software

This happened to me before I factory reset, file explorer would randomly open. Just now, it randomly opened. I did some research of my own, and some guy on reddit had the same problem, and it turned out to be malware, as he installed malwarebytes and did a malwarebytes scan. I did a mbam full non-rootkit scan, came green. I did a windows defender full scan, came green. I did a hitman pro default scan, came green. Please, answer if you can without saying everything is fine. Just answer please.

2nd question. On school pcs, our school installed remote access software in each school computer. Out of curiosity i did a windows defender quick scan on a school computer, it came green! It got me thinking. I got home and checked if i potentially had remote access software. I did an av scab, came green, i checked control panel installed programs, nothing out of the ordinary. There are some remote access programs that arent detected as malware as they arent used for that reason, but malicious people use them just for that purpose. Is there a possibility that there can be a hidden , non malicious but used for bad intent program that isn’t in programs and installations in control panel? Can it be just an ordinary hidden file?

Please, if you can respond, please do. I know that i have overreactions, but please, if you can, answer the questions. Sorry if i seemed rude.

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