May 7, 2021

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Re: Masking the CoVID-19 problem

If memory serves, Rob Slade had a bit of a screed on masks (see
RISKS-31.65), and was taken to task for it.  Then I commented on the 6-foot
thing, and there was some response around that issue, partly by Herr Doctor
Professor Peter Ladkin—who had been watching it, and referred to a study
and to a movie, "the Sneeze".

We now have better science to design controls, such as and while the guidance doesn't quite invert the previous recommendations, it deeply changes the advice.

The risks are subtle, and perhaps not precisely computer-related, but more
[generally] "science" related: the risks of jumping to a control with
limited scientific information, applying controls inexpertly, failure to
change the control regime in a timely fashion when the data changes, etc.

  [In retrospect, the Pandemic is still an evolving exercise a year later.