May 8, 2021

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Mighty’s Plan To Reignite the Future of Desktop Computing

Mighty’s Plan To Reignite the Future of Desktop Computing

New submitter oblom writes about Mighty, a new approach to web browsing: In short, server-side web navigation, with client-side rendering. Per Y Combinator founder Paul Graham: “Usually when people talk about grand things like changing “the future of computing,” they’re full of it. But not this time. Suhail [founder of Mighty] has been working on this for 2 years. There’s a good chance it’s the new default infrastructure. Suhail writes in a blog post: After 2 years of hard work, we’ve created something that’s indistinguishable from a Google Chrome that runs at 4K, 60 frames a second, takes no more than 500 MB of RAM, and often less than 30% CPU with 50+ tabs open. This is the first step in making a new kind of computer. […] When you switch to Mighty, it will feel like you went out and bought a new computer with a much faster processor and much more memory. But you don’t have [to] buy a new computer. All you have to do is download a desktop app.

To make Mighty work, we had to solve a lot of complex engineering problems, including designing a custom server to keep costs low, building a custom low-latency networking protocol, forking Chromium to integrate directly with various low-level render/encoder pipelines, and making the software interoperate with a long list of macOS features. We are working hard at ramping up server capacity across the world as we roll it out to users. You might be thinking: “Yeah but what about the lag?” Lag would have been a real problem 5 years ago, but new advances since then have allowed us to eliminate nearly all of it: 5 Ghz WiFi bands, H.265 hardware-accelerated low-latency encoders, widespread 100 Mbps Internet, and cheaper, more powerful GPUs. We also designed a new low-latency network protocol, and we locate servers as close to users geographically as possible. As a result, a user with 100 Mbps internet will rarely notice lag while using Mighty. Watch this demo video and see for yourself.

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