May 11, 2021

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How accurately do these avs detect stuff and is this suspicous?

I’ve had a bit of trouble on anxiety as weird shit happened to me. Nothing too bad but weird. Like my tray taskbar icons disappeared. Along with the tray stuff, I saw 2 identical malwarebytes icons in my tray. I googled the problem and I saw only instances with a red exclamation mark. Not in my case, my case had 2 identical malwarebytes icons and after a few seconds, one icon disappeared, then the rest of them disappeared. They all had to be manually reopened.

I went to go on a walk, and I left minecraft on running. I came back and my laptop screen was blackened, but not sleeping. I’m worrying about this as I thought a hacker went on my laptop to mess around with stuff, then went off for a bit, thats why it didn’t sleep. I did a pwoercfg -requests thing aswell and it said nothing was blocking the sleep of my laptop. I’m worrying a bit now..

Malwarebytes takes fucking ages for a full scan, so I rely on windows defender scans. But how good are windows defender full scans? I use hitman pro aswell, and idk what a default scan is. Is the default scan a full scan?




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