May 9, 2021

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Avast and Malwarebytes blocking IP’s, CSGO


I played CSGO yesterday and noticed today that Avast had blocked a connection saying “We have safely aborted the connection to udp:/ since it was infected with Botnet:Blacklist”. I could have been on a BrutalCS community server or I could have been playing aim_botz, I do not remember.

Did a full scan with Avast aswell as Defender and downloaded and did a scan with Malwarebytes. No threats detected.


However, today when I played on aim_botz, private server, I got TWO malwarebytes popup blocking two different websites (IP’s), one followed closely after the other. Malwarebytes says that the file was: csgo.exe and one IP blocked was marked as “Trojan” and the other as “Compromised”.

This is scary since it has never happened before to me, and I’ve played since the beginning of CSGO. Is it a false positive or could this actually be something in CSGO that is trying to infect me?

And how do I solve this? Anyone else who has had a similar issue?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nothing was effecting the game, I didn’t get disconnected or anything, if it wasn’t for the popups I would have never noticed it blocking something.

Edit 2: I’ll give the IP’s Malwarebytes blocked here, Avast didn’t tell me any IP. and

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