May 12, 2021

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BrandPost: Tomorrow’s world: how to make sense of the interconnected enterprise

Old ways of working have been swept away and, in their place, a new structure of interconnected parts has emerged, based on a software-defined ecosystem of partners, suppliers, branches, and remote workers. How can these be managed effectively?

A few years back, you would have blinked in disbelief at the idea that any multinational corporation could boast that each one of its employees banked $2.3m of revenue, but that amount is what, on average, every single one of Netflix’s workers brings to the company. 

It’s a far cry from when factories needed to employ thousands of people to maintain their turnover. But even here, we’ve seen a process of rationalization. General Motors, for example, has reduced its workforce from 700,000 to 164,000 in just 20 years. 

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