April 14, 2021


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Does my phone have malware?

3 months ago i got a virus, and I factory reset my laptop. I kinda halted every output such as charging my phone via my laptop because I still had anxiety toward my situation. I say fuck it, and charge through my phone. A bit later, my mouse starts to randomly twitch. I unplug my mouse, and it still spazzes about everywhere. I didn’t know you could disable your touchpad at the time, but I didn’t know that. So I run many panicked malwarebytes free quick scans that come clean. This wasn’t enough, so I did my 2nd factory reset. I ran many kaspersky scans on my phone, all of which came clean, and MBAM scans on my phone, which also came clean. Did my phone have malware? Can malware be transmitted via charger? I know that images can be transmitted via charger because I’ve done so in the past.

P.S: This was 2 months ago, i don’t have the mouse twitching problem, I disabled my touchpad now.

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