April 14, 2021


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CVE-2021-23000 (big-ip_access_policy_manager, big-ip_advanced_firewall_manager, big-ip_advanced_web_application_firewall, big-ip_analytics, big-ip_application_acceleration_manager, big-ip_application_security_manager, big-ip_ddos_hybrid_defender, big-ip_domain_name_system, big-ip_fraud_protection_service, big-ip_global_traffic_manager, big-ip_link_controller, big-ip_local_traffic_manager, big-ip_policy_enforcement_manager, ssl_orchestrator)

On BIG-IP versions and, if the tmm.http.rfc.enforcement BigDB key is enabled in a BIG-IP system, or the Bad host header value is checked in the AFM HTTP security profile associated with a virtual server, in rare instances, a specific sequence of malicious requests may cause TMM to restart. Note: Software versions which have reached End of Software Development (EoSD) are not evaluated.