April 13, 2021


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A Systematic Literature Review on Phishing and Anti-Phishing Techniques. (arXiv:2104.01255v1 [cs.CR])

Phishing is the number one threat in the world of internet. Phishing attacks
are from decades and with each passing year it is becoming a major problem for
internet users as attackers are coming with unique and creative ideas to breach
the security. In this paper, different types of phishing and anti-phishing
techniques are presented. For this purpose, the Systematic Literature
Review(SLR) approach is followed to critically define the proposed research
questions. At first 80 articles were extracted from different repositories.
These articles were then filtered out using Tollgate Approach to find out
different types of phishing and anti-phishing techniques. Research study
evaluated that spear phishing, Email Spoofing, Email Manipulation and phone
phishing are the most commonly used phishing techniques. On the other hand,
according to the SLR, machine learning approaches have the highest accuracy of
preventing and detecting phishing attacks among all other anti-phishing