April 16, 2021


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BrandPost: How OSS Fuels Enterprise Innovation

In my experience, “open source” and “innovation” go hand in hand. But I’d also argue that finding novel ways to significantly reduce the costs of operating enterprise-grade OSS can push this innovation even further.

Data from a recent survey* by my employer DataStax backs me up. More than two-thirds of executives and technical practitioners told us their companies were increasing the use of OSS. But there were striking differences in how hard companies are “leaning in” to OSS. The number of respondents who said they “strongly agree” (the highest box score) that their use of OSS was on the rise was:

  • twice as high among those experiencing a faster pace of innovation as a result of adapting to COVID-19 than not;
  • nearly three times as high among those reporting the most versus least progress on data strategy; and
  • more than three times as high at organizations attributing more than 20% of revenue to data and analytics versus 5% or less.

There seems to be a strong correlation, in other words, between a commitment to OSS and success as an innovative, data-driven enterprise.

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