April 16, 2021


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BrandPost: Building a Network as Fast as the Future

Imagine a concert in which the strings are in Vienna, the woodwinds in Paris, the percussion in London, and the horns in Rome. And yet everyone’s in precise time and perfect pitch.

Over today’s internet, it might result in a cacophonous mess — and a very frustrated conductor.

But across the internet of the future — with its high bandwidth, faster speeds, and low latency — a real-time, international orchestra would be limited only by the skill of the performers, not the power of the technology.

With recent networking advances like the Silicon One ASIC chip and the 8201 router, Cisco is paving the way for that harmonious future. The Cisco 8201 offers 35 percent more bandwidth with 26x less power draw, in a smaller, lighter, and lower-cost package.

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